Weather Station GP2

Automatic weather stations from Delta-T can be as simple or as complex as your application requires.Even after installation, it's easy to expand or adapt the system;

Chlorophyll Meter

The CCM200 Plus Chlorophyll Meter accurately determines chlorophyll content in plants and crops.

Sap Flow Systems

The newest method of transpiration measurement is now available from Dynamax for large trees and plants. The Thermal Dissipation Probe (TDP) transpiration sensor measures sap

Plant Canopy Analyser
The latest state-of-the-art-technology- instrument for measurement of PAR Photo synthetically Active Radiation) and LAI (Leaf Area Index). The system has in-built data storage facility and on-board calculations of Leaf Area Index and other related parameters.
LAI (Leaf Area Index)
PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation)
Solar Zenith Angle
Transmitted Fraction
Portable & Easy to use in situ in the crop
1m length PAR Measuring probe
64 Nos High Quality Photo Diodes
Full Alphanumeric Keypad with beep
Internal Coin Cell Memory Backup
Operating conditions 0-60 Deg C
0% - 90% RH Non condensing
Can be used as a Line Quantum meter also optionally.
Can be used for unattended logging at user defined intervals from 1 second to 24 hours.
Real time measurement and display in the field.
Can be used for PAR mapping.
Technical Specifications
Active area : 1000 x 13 mm wide sensor spacing 15.6 mm
Spectral range : 400-700 nm ( PAR)
Measurement time : 120 ms
Max. Reading : 2500 micromol/m2/s
Resolution : 0.3 micromol/m2/s
Linearity : better than 1%
Memory : 100 Mb internal memory
Battery : 12 hours continuous use
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