Weather Stations

Automatic weather stations from Delta-T can be as simple or as complex as your application requires. Even after installation, itís easy to expand or adapt the system;

Chlorophyll Meter

The CCM200 Plus Chlorophyll Meter accurately determines chlorophyll content in plants and crops.

Sap Flow Systems

The newest method of transpiration measurement is now available from Dynamax for large trees and plants. The Thermal Dissipation Probe (TDP) transpiration sensor measures sap

CCM300 Chlorophyll Content Meter
A lightweight hand-held device for the accurate and easy determination of chlorophyll content in very small leaves and difficult to measure intact samples.
Accurate and reliable
Relative chlorophyll content (mg/m-2)
Data averaging
Touch screen, colour graphic display
Hand-held, battery portable
Large 2Gb internal memoryreliable determinations on intact plants
New fluorescence technology
The CCM-300 uses a well established chlorophyll fluorescence technique, where light is absorbed at one wavelength and is re-emitted at a longer wavelength. This technique does not require the measuring aperture to be fully filled, allowing very small leaves, curved leaves and very thick samples to be measured quickly and non-destructively. Recent advances in technology developed for the CCM-300, has significantly reduced the cost of this traditionally expensive technique.
Data averaging, storage and download
Data may be made as: Single measurements
2-30 measurements averaged (with applied sigma 2 standard deviation to exclude rogue data points). The integral 2Gb data storage allows many thousands of experimental results to be saved, before downloading via the USB port. Stored data can be reviewed in the field.
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