Weather Stations

Automatic weather stations from Delta-T can be as simple or as complex as your application requires. Even after installation, itís easy to expand or adapt the system;

Chlorophyll Meter

The CCM200 Plus Chlorophyll Meter accurately determines chlorophyll content in plants and crops.

Sap Flow Systems

The newest method of transpiration measurement is now available from Dynamax for large trees and plants. The Thermal Dissipation Probe (TDP) transpiration sensor measures sap

Co2 Monitor / Controller
Lambda T is a high accuracy CO2 monitor employing a naval twin wavelength, non - depressive infra red optical technique. This quality stable analysis allows to be used for unattended measurement and control of CO2 in green houses, growth chambers and any other application where elevated levels of the gas are required.
Continuous CO2 Monitor and Control
High performance NDIR optical bench
Easy maintenance
Integral sample pump
Two relay trip points
Digital display
Temperature Corrected
Technical Specifications
Method : Non-dispersive, infra-red Optical technique
Range : 0 to 2000 ppm, 3000 ppm
Accuracy : +/- 2% of FSD
Stability : +/- 2% of FDS over 12 months
Response time : Electrical : 1 second Gas , from inlet : Typically 3 min full
Pump : Mounted internally 1L min 30 meters maximum sampling distance
Alarms : Two user configurable single poletrip points over the full scale range with LED display indicator
Dimension : 267mm x 258mm x 148mm
Power : 230 V AC
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